Converting Measurements
Let's Start with Metrics (This is the easiest)

Should I multiply or divide?

To convert between units, you're usually given one measure and asked to convert to another measure. For instance, you'll be given some volume in "gallons" and be asked to convert the volume to "fluid ounces". They will have given you (or else you can easily find) the conversion units that are suitable to the task. In these simple scenarios, all you have to do to convert is remember a fairly simple rule:

  • going from a big unit to a smaller unit means multiply

  • going from a small unit to a bigger unit means divide

Here's how it works:

Convert 3 gallons to quarts.

Quarts are smaller than gallons so we are going from big to a smaller. You have to multiply!

Every gallon has four quarts.

(3)(4) = 12

Answer: 12 quarts

Convert 7920 yards to miles.

Miles are bigger than yards so we are going from small to a big. You have to divide!

There are 1760 yards in every mile. S

7920 ÷ 1760 = 4.5

Answer: 4.5 miles

Watch this video for more help!

Unit Conversion with Fractions: u6_l1_t1_we1 Unit Conversion with Fractions