Assignment: Look at both the review section and take the online quizzes for the chapter we are covering in class right now.


If you would like to review for the placement test on Monday, click on the links below. Read the information and try the practice problems if given. We will cover this material in the next month, but here is a preview.

Angles in Geometry

Parts of a circle

Volume of a cube

Surface area


Box Plots


Mean, Medium, Mode

Algebra - combining "like" (or same) terms

Math Practice:

Please find time to continue practicing your algebra skills. We need to cover this information rather quickly so we can still fit in our Geometry and Statistics/Probability units before you become 7th graders and leave me!! (sniff, sniff)

Work on the following online quizzes for review during this chapter:

7.1a - graphing

7.1c - function tables

7.1d - function rules

7.1e - functions and equations

7.1f - representing functions

7.2b - solving inequalities

7.2d - writing inequalities

7.2f - one step inequalities

7.2g - two step inequalities

7.3b - Integers and absolute value

7.3c - the coordinate plane

When you have finished, watch the following Pixar Short. The person that counts the number of "moves" correctly and tells me in class will earn 2 extra credit points!!! (Let's see how many of you are actually reading through our Wiki!!)