Monday's Assignment

You have become very good at digital learning, so we are going to go to another level with it. Read the following directions and complete these tasks by the end of the hour. If you have time left, go to our Share Space, number a piece of paper, and try to guess whose voice you hear.

1. Print the following prediction worksheet to use for this webquest: Worksheet

2. Go to this site and write down 3 terrible things that happened to Edgar Allen Poe in his life. Put the answers on the back of the prediction worksheet: Poe's Life

3. Read Poe's story, "Tell-Tale Heart," and stop after reading each paragraph and answer the questions on the prediction worksheet: Tell-Tale Heart

4. Do a search using Yahoo or Google and find 2 other short stories that Poe has written. Write these titles on the back of your worksheet also.

5. Choose one of the following options:

  • Use the comic creator given to create a comic of 3-6 frames re-telling the story you read (beginning, middle, end):( you can use the dialogue bubbles or write captions for each picture you create.)Comic Creator

  • Use the acrostic poem tool below to create a poem to summarize the story: Acrostic poem

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Tell me what you like and dislike about online learning in our natural disasters unit:

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