Curing Mathophobia One Game at a Time!
I think almost every class has them….the kids who hate math, feel like they can’t do math, don’t want to have to do their math, don't even want to be in math class…the “mathaphobes”!
I know that not everyone is going to like math and that I can’t change everyone’s opinion…but I make it a goal to get my students to like coming to math class. Some students may never enjoy the actual process of math computations, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t look forward to coming to math class each day. To me, getting kids to like coming to my class is the first step towards opening their minds to learning new mathematical concepts. Sooo…how do I get kids to like math class?
The majority of my students play sports and are very competitive, and almost all of my students play video games and/or computer games in their spare time. It was pretty easy for me to find what got my students interested and having fun in my class…games and humor! So students will be asked to practice their skills online, using both online quizzes and games. When they tell you they are just "playing games" at school, they are right! However, they are learning too! I hope you hear that they like math class this year! ~Mrs.Goffnett
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Smart Start:Review of 5th grade concepts
Factorization Game
Factorization Millionaire
Factors and Multiples Jeopardy
Place Value Millionaire
Place Value Games (many)
Multiplication Facts Concentration
Multiplication Facts Jeopardy
Multiplication Facts Basketball
Multiplication Facts Baseball - 2 player
Multiplication (+ & -) Grade or No Grade
Multiplication Games (many)
Multiplication Basketball
Multiplication Baseball
Division Millionaire
Dvision Baseball
Absolute Value Millionaire
Rational Numbers Jeopardy
Integers Jeopardy
Graphing - Planet Hop
Graphing Basketball
Graphing Jeopardy
Graphing Game
Exponent Jeopardy
Rounding and Comparing Numbers - Jeopardy (1 or 2 player)
Review Tic Tac Toe - tricky

Chapter 1: Decimals Review
Multiplying decimals - football kick
Decimals - Jeopardy (1 or 2 player)
Decimal: Divide & Multiply - Rags to Riches
Decimal: Add & Subtract - Jeopardy (1 or 2 player)
Decimals: Adding - Rags to Riches
Decimal Jeopardy
Decimal Games (many)
Decimal Games (many)
Decimal Addition Basketball
Decimal Subtraction Basketball
Decimal Multiplication Basketball

Chapter 2: Fractions
Fraction - soccer shoot
Fraction Splat (requires a mouse
Fractions to One (read directions)
Fractions - Jeopardy (1 or 2 players)
Improper Fraction - Jeopardy (1 or 2 player)
Mixed Fractions - Jeopardy (1 or 2 player)
Fractions: Matching Equivalent fractions
Fraction and Decimal - Jeopardy (1 or 2 player)
Fractions Jeopardy
Fraction Muliplication Millionaire
Fraction Division Basketball
Fraction Games (many)
Fraction Games (many)
Fraction Multiplication - Jeopardy (1 or 2 player)

Chapter 3: Ratios and Rates
Rates, Ratios, Proportions - Jeopardy (1 or 2 player)
Fraction, Percent, Decimal - Jeopardy (1 or 2 player)
Ratios - Rags to Riches

Chapter 4: Percents
Percents - Rags to Riches
Fractions, Decimals, Percents Jeopardy
Fractions to Percents Concentration
Fraction, Decimal, Percent Millionaire
Comparing and Ordering fractions, decimals Jeopardy

Chapter 5: Algebra
Order of Operations - Rags to Riches
Order of Operations Millionaire
Order of Operations Game
Order of Operations: Fill in the missing number
Algebra: Writing expressions - Concentration
Algebra: Writing Expressions Millionaire
Algebra: substituting values - Rags to Riches
Algebra Jeopardy

Chapter 6: Equations
Algebra - Solving equations
Algebra: One step solving basketball
Albebra: 2 step solving basketball
Algebra: Solving Equations - Rags to riches
Algebra: 1 step solving basketball
Algebra: Solving Equations - Hangman
Algebra: Solving Equations - Jeopardy (1 or 2 player)
Algebra: Solving Equations - Timed Game
Algebra - Rags to Riches
Algebra - Equation Match
Algebra expressions - Jeopardy (1 or 2 player)

Chapter 7: Inequalities
Inequalities - Rags to Riches

Chapter 8: Triangles
Geometry Games (many)
Geometry Games (many)

Chapter 9: Area and Perimeter
Area and Perimeter - Rags to Riches
Area and Perimeter

Chapter 10: Volume

Chapter 11: Data and Graphs

Chapter 12: Probability and Statistics
Probability Game

Extension Math Games
Spin the wheel - Reviews everything
Number Patterns
Positive/Negative Numbers -Math Car Racing - tricky
Negative numbers
Word Problem Games (many)
Real-World Math Games
Math Logic Games