Mrs. Goffnett's Homeroom Literature Class

It is my goal to get kids fired up about reading. I want them to challenge themselves in their book selections. I want them to find their LOVE of snuggling up with a good book. I want them to realize the book is ALWAYS better than the movie!

One strategy for developing an appreciation for reading is Connections. Students make connections to what they read in the following ways:

Text to Self : This reminds me of something that happened to me

Text to Text : This reminds me of another book

Text to World : This reminds me of something that happened in the real world

Text to Media: This reminds me of something I've seen on TV or on the Internet

These are past comments students have made about the books you will read this year in 6th grade. Later in the year, you will also have an account on this wiki and get to have online discussions with your classmates. ......all in good time.....

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Favorite book dgoffnett dgoffnett 18 126 Apr 24, 2012 by Lukecart Lukecart
blindness dgoffnett dgoffnett 16 120 Feb 21, 2012 by Natalieric Natalieric
prejudice dgoffnett dgoffnett 15 121 Feb 13, 2012 by Hayliehaw Hayliehaw
Life as a sailor dgoffnett dgoffnett 9 78 Dec 20, 2011 by Meganrad Meganrad
Good and Bad dgoffnett dgoffnett 16 112 Dec 5, 2011 by oliviasny oliviasny
Appearances dgoffnett dgoffnett 28 187 Dec 1, 2011 by Kurtisten Kurtisten
gender roles dgoffnett dgoffnett 56 403 Nov 29, 2011 by Darianrai Darianrai