Chapter 3: Ratios and Rates

Throughout Chapter 3, you should be spending time at home, before or after school in the LMC, or during your target class when you have time, watching the power points and taking the online quizzes for each section. You need to continually work with these concepts in order for you to understand them fully. Check it out, but be careful (spoiler alert)......
You might actually have fun!

3.1b - Understanding Ratios

Reteach - ratios

5 minute check on ratios

Online quiz - understanding ratios

3.1d - Understanding Unit Rates

Reteach - unit rates

5 minute check on unit rates

Online quiz - unit rates

3.2a - Ratio Tables

Reteach - ratio tables

5 minute check on ratio tables

Online quiz - ratio tables

3.2c - Problem Solving

Reteach - problem solving

5 minute check on problem solving

3.3a - Equivalent Ratios

Reteach - equivalent ratios

5 minute check on equivalent ratios

Online quiz - equivalent ratios

3.3c - Ratios and Rates

Reteach - ratios and rates

5 minute check on ratios and rates

Online quiz - ratios and rates